MACHINE FOR SHIRTS PRESSED IRONING (dry garments and centrifuged garments)
Electropneumatic machine for simoultaneous pressing of body, yoke, shoulders, sleeves (long and short) and sleeve placket.
Complete with:
- steam heated, steaming, blowing and vacuum unisex dummy with pneumatic collar locking
- steam heated plates for the pressed ironing of shirt body
- steam heated plates for the pressed ironing of sleeve placket
- steam heated plates for the pressed ironing of shoulders
- pneumatic devices for sides adjustment and shirt bottom traction
- clamps with cuffs/sleeves closure, with automatism for tensioning
- clamps for short sleeves, with automatism for tensioning
- built-in electric fan 2,25 Kw for air blowing
- dummy complete vacuum through built-in vacuum unit 0,56 kw
- adjustable pressing pressure separate for body, sleeves and sides tensioning
- simultaneous adjustable sleeve angle positioning before, or even during the pressing cycle, controlled by 1 joystick, plus the cuffs device that facilitates the pressing and drying of all fabric thicknesses.
- touch screen controller, with the possibility to select up till 50 programs for different pressing cycles, the ability to change the working language (english, italian, spanish, french…) and to enter a USB key to download program updates
- hand safety devices and protections according to the rules
- machine is adapted to be connected to the main plants of steam (max.8 bar), compressed air (6 bar) and electrical energy
- Steam consumption 35/40 Kg/h
- Installed power: Kw 3,8
- Voltage: 3~50Hz 230 V - 3+N~50Hz 400 V